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Have you been looking for a therapeutic wellness service that is different from traditional psychotherapy?


Are you interested in trying something new, but unsure about committing?


If you answered yes to the questions above a package option may be the right approach for you. I offer several different packages that give you insight into the therapeutic work that is possible with a holistic art therapy style. Although these packages are not therapy sessions, or art therapy sessions, you will gain a deeper understanding of how different therapy styles can best support your life and you will have the opportunity to gain deeper insight about yourself through the process of art-making. Packages are great for people who are looking for an introduction to a special method or for those who are wanting a short term experience that gives therapeutic insight. Each session is an hour long and most are done through zoom. Because these sessions are not therapy services anyone can participate not just Colorado residents. However, please note that services outside of packages, excluding coaching and yoga, are professional mental health services provided exclusively to Colorado residents. 


Current Packages 

Introduction to Art Therapy | 3 Sessions 

Learn about the art therapy process with a professional art therapist to discover if art therapy is right for you.

Mindfulness and Art for Stress and Tension | 6 Sessions

Throughout these six sessions you will learn how to utilize art and mindfulness to help alleviate tension and stress. Learn different art activities that can be done to help emphasize your meditation practice. Learn ways to use art that help bring awareness into your daily live. 

Art and Parts Work | 6 Sessions

Learn about parts work and Internal Family Systems with different art projects to help discover your own parts and how they create a whole family system within you. Dive into imaginal dialogue to help amplify the messages that your parts would like you to know. Form relationships with these internal parts to alleviate anxiety, stress and tension from your life. 

For prices and purchase, click on packages section in the Online Booking tab.

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