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About Me

I believe that everyone has the ability to find happiness and joy within their life and I am passionate about helping clients find their way back to creating an empowered and sacred life. I encourage my clients to take a deeper look at their emotional, psychological and spiritual landscapes through creative expression. I invite each client to use the process of art-making to gain deeper awareness into their life through the use of metaphor, symbolism and expression.


I am a trained mental health counselor that specializes in transpersonal art therapy. I graduated from Naropa University in Boulder, CO and I reside in Lafayette, CO. I use a trauma-informed and client-focused approach to my therapeutic work and I utilize tools such as mindfulness, art, embodied therapy, holistic integration and nature-based techniques.


Curiosity, gentle guidance, authenticity, inclusivity, play, creativity and compassion are some of the most important values I bring to my practice as a therapist and a human being. I enjoy inspiring people to better understand themselves and offering them the support they uniquely need.

Education and Certifications

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Naropa University | Graduate Program 2017-2021

Masters in Mental Health Counseling emphasizing in Transpersonal Art Therapy. 

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Equine-Assisted Expressive Art Therapy | Certified 2021

This is a special modality to psychotherapy using Equine-assisted interventions and nature-based art therapy. 

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Certified Yoga Teacher 200hr 

Received certificate from Soul Tree Yoga in Lafayette CO 2017. Additional yoga trainings include; Yoga Nidra, Restorative Yoga and Trauma-Informed Yoga


My Values and Experience

The values I bring to my practice include curiosity, compassion, authenticity, mindfulness and insight. If you and I work together I guarantee that I will be curious about your process and your needs. I will have compassion towards your experience in a non-judgmental way that embraces the full spectrum of emotions. I strive to continuously check in with myself and lead by my most authentic expression and I will encourage you to do the same. I will bring full present-moment awareness into each session and I will listen with my whole being not just my mind. I will search for places where we can simplify and slow down so that we may take a mindful look at the situation at hand. Lastly, I will bring my insight to each session and I will offer it when wanted. 

My Experience with mental health began as a child growing up in an unstable home. The first half of my life was scary and unpredictable as one parent struggled with substance and alcohol dependency. My teenage years were filled with adversity, risk taking and acting out. It was at that time I began to notice the chaotic emotions I had that other teens didn't seem to struggle with. When trauma isn't addressed it begins to compile on top of itself and it can feel like you are a hopeless cause carrying a lifetime of shame. At least, that was my experience and I began to feel like I was broken and no one could ever help glue the pieces back together. However, I did finally find the person who could glue it all back and to my surprise it was none other than myself. After years of therapy and meditation I finally learned how to start taking action for my own emotional well-being.

The developmental trauma never went away and I now know that its part of me and I cannot banish it, but I can befriend it. I can re-parent myself, I can live among the neurotypical, I can form stable relationships and I can find my own happiness. These are all things that are also possible for you. Everyday I have the opportunity to re-write my story and how I choose to react to life as it unfolds. Now I see the scars as my gift to offer in this world and I truly believe that if you are ready to step onto the path towards healing then I can assist you in the process. I will always leave my history at the door when entering into the therapeutic relationship, but I hope that you are able to feel safer with someone who has been down the road of mental health challenges and I hope that you feel seen because you are worth being witnessed in your journey back to wholeness. 

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